Artists Afloat Inc is a not-for-profit group of artists working for artists, facilitating the growth of a sustainable arts practice for its members through collaborative exhibitions, workshops, events and interactive community activities.
With members in the Moreton Bay Region, Greater Brisbane Region, Capricorn Region and Fraser Coast Region Artists Afloat Inc invites all artists to join in keeping their fingers on the pulse of their creative development. Members work together on new ventures to facilitate their ongoing professional development as individual artists and as a group.

Objectives of Artists Afloat Inc:

  • support the cultural development of creative communities, in particular indigenous and non-indigenous emerging artists
  • create opportunities for group exhibitions and interactive activities in which members engage directly with their community
  • help steer members arts practice in a sustainable direction
  • build on members existing profile
  • develop members skills for funding applications and expressions of interest submissions
  • create networking opportunities for members on a local, state, national and international scale, facilitating the growth of a vibrant network of emerging and established artists

To be eligible to apply for membership artists need to:

  • support the objectives of Artists Afloat Inc

Members of Artists Afloat are encouraged to:

  • participate in activities generated through partnership relationships
  • exhibit in group exhibitions
  • have a profile page / website link on our website
  • be included in the annual production of our hard cover promotional book
  • participate in professional development workshops hosted by Artists Afloat

Please contact us for more information.


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  2. […] more information view Artists Afloat Blog or email Jo – email@artistsinitiative.com.au or phone 0407 807 786 Admin posted at 2009-6-9 […]

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